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Anti-corruption work relating to studies and trials of new medicines and healthcare equipment. Corruption risks, such as misleading findings or suppressing negative results, can put the lives of patients at risk.

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November 2019

National Household Survey 2017

Chapter: Bangladesh

This 2017 survey is the eighth in the series. It is observed that 66.5% of households in Bangladesh experienced corruption when receiving services from public and private sectors or institutions. For the health sector, 42.5% of household experienced corruption.

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November 2019

Corruption and its Socio-Economic Impacts on the Healthcare Sector (Tsaboy Ny Gasy Project)

Chapter: Madagascar

The Tsaboy ny Gasy Project advocates for citizens' social and economic rights, particularly by fighting corruption in the health sector in Madagascar. To inform the project, TI-Madagascar conducted an assessment to identify how different types of corruption impact health services. This involved a study of the legislative environment; a literature review (existing evidence of corruption),…

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project Projects

September 2020

Promoting transparency in the health sector

The main aim is to create a better understanding between doctors and patients in order to enhance the quality of service delivery in healthcare clinics.

May 2020

Action For Transparency

The project is aimed at empowering citizens to monitor public resources in the health sector and report on any misappropriation through ICT platforms including a mobile application and website.

A base line survey conducted in Nairobi County Embakasi sub-county showed gaps in capacity of health facility management committees on budget management and monitoring while an analysis of the Auditor General reports shows wastage of resources that should be spent to improve public services.

The project works with stakeholders in the health sector including but not limited to HFMCs ,facility in charges, citizens ,CSOs, government agencies and government .

May 2020

Increasing Participation, Accountability, Responsiveness and Transparency (PART): focus on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and other MDG-related interventions in the health sector in Ghana’

To achieve improved transparency and accountability in the flow and utilisation of NHIS financial resources leading to improved health service delivery in selected deprived districts by December 2014. The original project was focused on three regions and was financially supported by STAR-Ghana, a multi-donor agency.

November 2019

Vitamin Lab

TI Lithuania launched a social design experiment "Vitamin Lab" to see if changing clinic’s environment indirectly affects the behaviour and attitudes of patients, increases transparency and reduces bribery.

November 2019

Influencing Increased Transparency in Clinical Trials

The work focused on engaging with regulators for a general review of the legislation governing medications. The goal was to influence stronger compliance around clinical trial registers, lodging and reporting. Working with partners (TranspaiMED and Mesh Down Under), the work sought to encourage the New Zealand Government to subscribe to the World Health Organisation joint statement on public disclosure of results from clinical trials.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Improved enforcement of policies

November 2019

Civic Monitoring of Public Procurement in Ukraine

The project aimed to establish an automated monitoring system to track public procurement, including the spending of funds within the healthcare sector. This information would then be accessible to every patient in order to increase transparency of healthcare procurement, with the long-term aim being the improvement of service delivery quality.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Better Institutional Processes

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European Union FOJO World Health Organisation (WHO) Transparimed Crown Agents Novartis
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Healthcare clinics

Lithuanian Young Doctors Association

The Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA)

Healthcare Clinics in Lithuania

Mesh Down Under

Ministry of Health

Kyiv School of Economics

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Open Contracting Partnership

State-owned enterprise (SOE) "ProZorro"