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Transparency International Lithuania, established on 6th June of 2000, is a division of the international organisation Transparency International. TI Lithuania was founded by the Open Society Fund Lithuania. TI Lithuania is a non-political organisation that co-operates and coordinates its activities with governmental and non-governmental institutions in both Lithuania and abroad.

CPI Score - 59/100

CPI Ranking - 38

Years active: 2000 >

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September 2020

Promoting transparency in the health sector

The main aim is to create a better understanding between doctors and patients in order to enhance the quality of service delivery in healthcare clinics.

November 2019

#BūkPokytis (#BeChange)

Lithuanian medical organisations such as Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association, with the support of TI Lithuania and others ran a professionalism campaign called #BeChange.

The goal of the initiative was to encourage medical practitioners to sign a declaration and commit to fostering transparency of the healthcare system. It is also aimed at politicians and healthcare executives to encourage them in strengthening the integrity and accountability of the healthcare sector overall.

An online platform, is available for the members of medical community to sign their pledge and access information about transparency of the healthcare system.

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

November 2019

Vitamin Lab

TI Lithuania launched a social design experiment "Vitamin Lab" to see if changing clinic’s environment indirectly affects the behaviour and attitudes of patients, increases transparency and reduces bribery.

November 2019

The Best Thank You to the Doctor Is Your Smile

The aim of this project was to raise awareness amongst the patients that bribery is not a key to a good treatment in the hospitals, and the best gratitude to a doctor is a simple “thank you”.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Improved enforcement of policies

Better Institutional Processes

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

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European Commission
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Healthcare clinics

Lithuanian Young Doctors Association

The Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA)

Healthcare Clinics in Lithuania

Junior Doctors Association

Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition

Medical Student's Association

Ministry of Health

Lithuanian Medical Students' Association

The Cancer Patients Support Association