#BÅ«kPokytis (#BeChange)

Chapter: Lithuania | Project range: National | Year: 2018

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Transparency International Lithuania was founded by the Open Society Fund Lithuania and established on the 6th June 2000. TI Lithuania is a non-political organisation that cooperates and coordinates its activities with governmental and non-governmental institutions in both Lithuania and abroad.

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Global Partners:
European Commission
National Partners:
Healthcare Clinics in Lithuania Junior Doctors Association Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition Medical Student's Association Ministry of Health

Theory of Change

Behaviour Change
Anti-Corruption Activism
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Lithuanian medical organisations such as the Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association, with the support of TI Lithuania and others, ran a professionalism campaign called #BeChange.

The goal of the initiative was to encourage medical practitioners to sign a declaration and commit to fostering transparency of the healthcare system. It is also aimed at politicians and healthcare executives to encourage them in strengthening the integrity and accountability of the healthcare sector overall.

An online platform, , is available for the members of medical community to sign their pledge and access information about transparency of the healthcare system.


Within Lithuania, healthcare institutions have long been perceived as some of the most corrupt institutions in the country. As a result, TI Lithuania has been working with young doctors in Lithuania with the aim of reducing bribery and corruption at large whilst fostering an environment of transparency in the sector.


  1. Supported the development of an online pledge tool and a database for medical practitioners.
    Awareness raisingSystem development
  2. Developed a national programme of awareness raising and training events.
    Awareness raising
  3. Conducted national advocacy, targeting the government and healthcare institutions.


  1. The Declaration of the Professionalism was signed by 3647 medical practitioners
  2. The Ministry of Health decided to implement a course for medical students on codes of conduct and good practices for transparency.
  3. The campaign influenced the government to strengthen anti-corruption efforts across the healthcare sector.

Future Plans

TI Lithuania aims to continue its support for young medical doctors with activities aimed at fostering transparency within the healthcare sector.

Lessons Learnt

  1. The engagement of young medical students and practitioners was a key factor in the success of the campaign.
  2. The support of the Ministry of Health was pivotal to the engagement of healthcare institutions.

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