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Aims of Lithuanian Healthcare Institutions to Prevent Corruption

Chapter: Lithuania | Year: 2019

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Transparency International Lithuania, established on 6th June of 2000, is a division of the international organisation Transparency International. TI Lithuania was founded by the Open Society Fund Lithuania. TI Lithuania is a non-political organisation that co-operates and coordinates its activities with governmental and non-governmental institutions in both Lithuania and abroad.

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  1. 13 (out of 17) healthcare institutions accountable to the Ministry of Health have anti-corruption programmes,. They do not, however, indicate the exact problem that they target and what they aim to achieve.
  2. Only one quarter of anti-corruption measures (96 out of 415) are found to be authentic and tailor-made for a specific healthcare institution.


  1. For healthcare institutions to prioritise 1-2 anti-corruption goals and indicate how they are going to achieve them.
  2. For healthcare institutions to periodically publish information on how services are evaluated by patients and how they are addressing the issues indicated.