Enhancing Community Awareness on the Linkage between Corruption and Human Rights

Chapter: Palestine | Project range: Local | Year: 2017

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The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) is the Transparency International Chapter for Palestine. It aims to combat corruption and enhance integrity, transparency and systems of accountability in the Palestinian society.

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The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) worked throughout this project on sharing knowledge on the linkage between corruption and human rights by compiling a practical assessment for Palestine with focus on the fundamental right to health, increasing community awareness on this linkage, and empowering CSOs working on health to include integrity, transparency, accountability and anti-corruption perspectives in their work in order to hold officials accountable for corruption and violation of human rights.


The right to health is one of the most important human rights that whose realisation is being restricted by corruption in Palestine. However, the connection between corruption and realisation of human rights has not yet been recognized by several governmental and non-governmental organizations in Palestine, including those who are working on anti-corruption and human rights.


  1. One assessment study on the linkage between corruption and the right to health was prepared.
    Research & analysisRisk assessment, vulnerability map & baseline study
  2. Awareness-raising materials and campaigns on corruption and human rights were produced (this included Facebook campaigns, animations, infographs, and evidence). Two awareness-raising sessions for anti-corruption actors on the linkage between realisation of human right and efficient anti corruption efforts were conducted. Four Facebook advocacy campaigns were run targeting the anti-corruption actors with the aim of making them aware of considering the realisation of human rights when dealing with cases of corruption.
    Media campaign
  3. Two training events were held in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS) targeting Human Rights Organisations working in the health sector. The training sessions focused on the link between corruption and human rights and how to integrate anti-corruption and social accountability tools into their strategies.
    Awareness raisingTrial & implement new approach
  4. Two training events were held in WBGS targeting media journalists to develop their skills in conducting investigative reports related to corruption and human rights with a focus upon the right to health.
    Awareness raising
  5. Guidance materials for organisations on how to integrate anti-corruption and social accountability tools within their working strategies were published.
    Publication of report & guidance


  1. In 2019, the government formed a committee to review the current health insurance system and to put plans forward to develop a comprehensive health services system.
  2. Following the hearing and accountability sessions held by AMAN’s partners, The Red Crescent and Human Land Association took measures to make the supply of medicine more resilient to forms of corruption such as nepotism and mismanagement of public resources These measures included enhancing the monitoring system of patients’ cards.
  3. As a result of a training session targeting female journalists, 10 proposals were developed by the trained journalists who vowed to prepare 10 investigative reports based on these proposals. AMAN expected a high debate following the publication the reports. Furthermore, one of the journalists was able to prepare an investigative report related to health care.
  4. As a results of professional coaching and awareness raising sessions targeting CSOs working on human rights, AMAN was able to expand the number of CSOs working on combating corruption in health care services and consumer protection. With the technical support of AMAN, they integrated anti-corruption and social accountability tools into their work. This achievement ensures a long-term partnership and cooperation between AMAN and these organizations which speaks of the sustainability of the project.
  5. The level of citizens engagement with AMAN social media campaigns shows their improved awareness of the topic. According to the online statistics, the published material obtained thousands of reactions and shares upon which many citizens were motivated to report corruption cases.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Relying on research and professional assessments, e.g., evidence-based advocacy, will encourage officials to cooperate.
  2. Networking and building coalitions triggers a bigger reaction from the government.
  3. Engagement on social media platforms is efficient in engaging citizens.