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Transparency International Bangladesh (TI-B) is an independent, non-government, non-partisan and non-profit organization with a vision of a Bangladesh in which government, politics, businesses, civil society and the daily lives of its citizens are free from corruption.

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May 2020

Governance Challenges in Health Sector and the way out

Chapter: Bangladesh

Despite some successes, hindrances to good governance prevail in health sector. According to TI-Bangladesh's National Household Survey (2012), 40.2% of the recipients of health services from public institutions became victims of irregularities and corruption while receiving services. According to this survey, the estimated amount of bribes at the national level in this sector amounted to…

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November 2019

Private Healthcare: Governance Challenges and Way Out

Chapter: Bangladesh

The main objective of this research is to identify the challenges of governance in private healthcare programs and to recommend ways to overcome them. The specific objectives of this research are to: 1. Review the existing legal and institutional framework governing private healthcare institutions. 2. Identify the nature of irregularities and corruption in private healthcare…

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November 2019

National Household Survey 2017

Chapter: Bangladesh

This 2017 survey is the 8th of this series. It is observed that 66.5% of households in Bangladesh experienced corruption when receiving services from public and private organisations. In the health sector, 42.5% of household experienced corruption.

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November 2019

Governance of the Directorate of Drug Administration: Challenges and Way forward

Chapter: Bangladesh

The study assessed the effectiveness of the Government Drug Administration in tackling corruption. The study follows recent measures by the Government to strengthen the capacities of the Drug Administration. These include increasing the workforce in field offices, investing in capacity building, and enhancing the central drug laboratory. Moreover, the Government Drug Administration has taken measures…

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project Projects

November 2019

Improve Transparency and Accountability in Health Sector under Building Integrity Blocks for Effective Change (BIBEC) Project

The overall objective of BIBEC is to concentrate on building and strengthening a series of mutually supportive and reinforcing integrity blocks to effectively reduce corruption. “Blocks” hereby mean the key institutions, i.e., policy/law, education, training, ethics and values, and above all, the citizens of the country.

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Policy Adoption & Amendment

Better Institutional Processes

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Anti-Corruption Activism

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