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Governance Challenges in Health Sector and the way out

Chapter: Bangladesh | Year: 2014

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Theory of Change


  1. Despite significant efforts and laudable achievements of the government in the development of health sector, the achievements could have been higher if there were less limitations, irregularities and corruption in this sector.
  2. There are lacks of long-term planning in terms of human resource management, control and supervision, and ensuring transparency and accountability.
  3. The monitoring and supervising system for public and private healthcare institutions is not strong.
  4. The institutionalization of corruption in this sector particularly with regard to administrative and service-providing aspects is observed.


  1. Allocation for the health sector should be increased in the national budget.
  2. Influences of the health professional bodies in line with political considerations in recruitment, promotion, transfer of doctors should be stopped.
  3. Monitoring and supervision should be strengthened to ensure the presence of health assistant at community clinics and to stop stealing of government medicines.
  4. To ensure the presence of doctors in duty locations, livable residence facility should be ensured and special hardship allowance should be introduced for the doctors who would be posted in remote areas and for working on holidays.

Governance Challenges in Health Sector and the way out