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Anti-corruption work relating to healthcare budgeting and financing. The theft of funds from health systems is a serious issue in many countries. The loss of healthcare funds reduces the total amount available to provide services and treatments for patients.

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July 2020

Transparency and accountability in public administration and service

Chapter: Ukraine

Research using data from ProZorro showed that there is considerable monopolization on procurement in the health sector. ProZorro is a fully online public procurement platform and a collaboration environment that ensures open access to public procurement (tenders) in Ukraine.

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November 2019

Transparency and Accountability in Kenya’s Health Financing Models

Chapter: Kenya

Transparency and Accountability especially on resources for the Health sector has also been wanting. In 2017 for instance, the Health Sector witnessed major challenges flowing from industrial unrest by health practitioners, corruption and poor service delivery leading to wastage of public funds. The U.S. Embassy to Kenya on May 9, 2017 reported the suspension of…

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November 2019

Improving the Quality of Health Care in the Public Sector

Chapter: Jordan

The research aimed to demonstrate how transparency in the health sector can improve the efficiency of budget allocations and result in improved overall care. TI Jordan conducted a survey with eight government hospitals in central Jordan, three in the north, and two in the south, to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of secondary health care…

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project Projects

September 2020

Promoting transparency in the health sector

The main aim is to create a better understanding between doctors and patients in order to enhance the quality of service delivery in healthcare clinics.

September 2020

Transparency ranking for hospitals

Together with INEKO, Transparency International Slovakia ranked all Slovak hospitals according to their level of transparency, from 2016 to 2019. The transparency indicators were based on annual reports, spending, contracts, procurement data, and staff information, among others.
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November 2019

Curing the Unhealthy Health System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to reduce corruption in the health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) engagement in policy formulation, decision making and supporting public healthcare institutions in providing a more quality and efficient health services to citizens. Main activities will focus on improving transparency, accountability and integrity of 15 healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina through provision of systemic solutions in key corruption risk areas of public procurement, conflict of interest, human resources management and financial management; patients’ waiting lists and increasing relevance of CSOs and media in the fight against corruption in the health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Better Institutional Processes

Behaviour Change:

Community Action

November 2019

Enhancing Community Awareness on the Linkage between Corruption and Human Rights

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN), worked throughout this project on sharing the global knowledge on the linkage between corruption and human rights by compiling a practical assessment for Palestine with focus on the fundamental right to health, and providing community awareness on this linkage and empowering CSOs working on the health right to integrate integrity, transparency, accountability and anti- corruption in their strategies to play an active role in holding officials accountable for corruption and violation of human rights.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Improved enforcement of policies

Policy Adoption & Amendment

November 2019

Curiamo la corruzione (We Treat Corruption)

The aim of the project was to aim to increase awareness of corruption in the healthcare sector, to train the staff of healthcare and hospital companies and to implement and test innovative tools and specific organisational models.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Policy Adoption & Amendment

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