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Too much politisation, too little transparency

Chapter: Slovakia | Year: 2016

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Transparency Slovakia works to reduce corruption and increase the transparency of institutions. It follows the powerful, pushes for solutions and engages people in public scrutiny. It’s vision is for Slovakia and the world with responsible people and open institutions without corruption.

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Theory of Change


The Health Care Supervisory Office receives more than 2,000 applications a year. The Office assessed half of the 20141 complaints received in 2016 as unfounded. Most complaints related to patients' dissatisfaction with the provided medical care. The public has no information about specific reasons for these decisions, or how exactly the perpetrators were punished and what remedial action they had taken. Transparency International Slovakia advocated for more transparency and demanded the Office to publish decisions on the evaluation of complaints and the supervision it performs, as well as publish data about stored sanctions and the implementation of redress mechanisms.

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