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Medical Procurement in ProZorro: Express Examination 2.0

Chapter: Ukraine | Year: 2018

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The report "Medical Procurement in ProZorro: Express Examination 2.0" is already a second report dedicated to public procurement in healthcare. It illustrates tendencies in the expenditure of public funds on healthcare since 2017.


  1. High level of monopolization on the medication and medical equipment market. At the local level, 1% of suppliers made agreements for 50% of the total value of all agreements in these categories.
  2. Procurement of medication and medical equipment constitutes only a third (32.2%) of all the expenditures of healthcare departments and institutions through ProZorro. A little less – 29.1% – is spent on energy. 14.2% goes to construction and maintenance of facilities.
  3. Healthcare expenditures per capita differ vastly depending on the region. For instance, in Lviv oblast, the expenditures were the highest, with UAH 563 per person, while in Luhansk oblast, the figure was only UAH 111.