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Transparency International Uganda (TIU) is a national chapter of Transparency International – The global coalition against corruption. TIU is a registered NGO with the Uganda NGO Bureau contributing towards a corruption free Uganda where the citizens actively condemn corruption and demand for accountability while leaders and public officials uphold the principles of good governance. TIUs’ jurisdiction is countrywide and addresses all forms of corruption with specific emphasis on grand and political corruption.

CPI Score - 26/100

CPI Ranking - 149

Years active: 2014 >

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November 2021

Enhancing Equitable Access of COVID-19 Vaccines

The delivery of COVID-19 vaccines is conducted in an equitable and transparent manner, ensuring that the right people are vaccinated, and there is no corruption in the delivery of the vaccine.

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

Community Action

Seeking Redress Against Corruption

July 2020

Response to COVID-19

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

Community Action

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