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Transparency International – Cameroon (TI-C) is working to prevent corruption in public and private services. The Chapter focuses on a range of issues, from health and the land sector, to democracy and corruption in the defence and security sector.

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November 2019

Improving Basic Healthcare Service Delivery in Cameroon by Promoting Innovative Whistle-blowing Techniques

The project aimed to reinforce transparency, accountability, participation and integrity in public hospitals in Cameroon by raising patient awareness of healthcare rights and providing an independent mechanism to report instances of corruption.

A new digital reporting platform was developed and piloted by TI-Cameroon in partnership with Afro-Leadership and a group of hospitals.

An initial survey provided insight into the most effective ways for raising awareness amongst patients and encouraging whistleblowing. For example, patients highlighted their preference for using SMS and a digital platform/website to receive information and to submit complaints. For poor communities, where access to the internet is difficult, the preference is for a manual, paper-based reporting mechanism, with outreach support for villages.

The launch strategy involved media engagement, which led to widespread radio and TV articles about the initiative. This served to further sensitise members of the general public about healthcare rights.

An evaluation at the end of the pilot involved an experience-sharing workshop with healthcare workers, patients and representatives from the Ministry of Health.

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