Supporting the implementation of drug control policies

Chapter: Togo | Project range: National | Year: 2016

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The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) is the Togo Transparency International Chapter. ANCE-Togo aims to stimulate collective action in the fight against corruption. The Chapter works to improve accountability, protect activists, promote prevention and enforcement of anti-corruption standard and demanding justice to end impunity.

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GlaxoSmithKline Plc. World Health Organisation (WHO)
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Governmental Institution International Agency

Theory of Change


The main objective of this project is to promote public health through the prevention and fight against illegal drugs, alcohol abuse and tobacco consumption in communities. It aims to create anti drugs coalitions in community-based to inform, educate sensitize adolescents and young people about disorders related to the use of psychoactive substances.Till now we count 7 coalitions in Lome .


The phenomenon of drug addiction is gaining momentum in the last two decades in West Africa and especially in Togo. It harms institutions, threatens public health and harms development efforts. In Togo, we find that this phenomenon affects more young people . To support the government's efforts in the fight against drugs, the NGO ANCE Togo pilot, in collaboration with the National Anti-Drug Committee (CNAD) and the support of other partners such CADCA, ECOWAS, UNODC, WADPN and WACSI, has set up a pilot project for community-based drug control in Togo.


  1. Awareness campaigns
    Awareness raising
  2. Training for journalists and police on drugs control policies
  3. Commemoration of the international day to fight against drugs
    Awareness raising
  4. Training workshops for two communities on drugs control


  1. Conscious of negative impact of drugs addiction on socio-economic, sanitary and sustainable development levels in Togo, ANCE had organized several public awareness campaign targeting youths on « dangers undermining drugs use». Speakers had insisted on several diseases these youths and teenagers can have when consuming drugs.In addition, ANCE-Togo has produced 2000 copies of the health code that has been disseminated throughout the entire territory to make citizens aware of their rights and duties. More than 3 million citizens know their rights and accountabilities and claim them, thereby reducing the rate of corruption in the health sector.
  2. Since 2016,ANCE-TOGO in collaboration with CNAD,with the technical support of CADCA from USA , started a pilot project of fight against drug which consist of establish the commuty anti-drug coalition in community based. The pilot project lead to the creation of 2 coalitions but today we have established 7 coalitions in Lome.

Lessons Learnt

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