Lobbying, Power and Health – A European Vision

Chapter: Finland | Project range: Local | Year: 2018

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Transparency International Finland (TI Finland) is an independent, politically independent and non-profit organization dedicated to preventing corruption and promoting transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity in various areas of society. Transparency International Finland promotes the rule of law through its activities.

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Physicians for Social Responsibility

Theory of Change


The purpose of the publication was to open up the debate on lobbying and to define it in both the Finish and international context, particularly around public health legislation around sugar and alcohol tax. An additional purpose is to challenge the negative connotations which surround lobbying. Decision makers need information, and interest groups want to share it with them. However, it is important to remember that those with power and resources will get their message across more easily, especially if lobbying is not open. Closed doors behind legislative influence can endanger democracy.


While lobbying is a well-known phenomenon in all political circles in systems, few states regulate lobbying at a national legislative level. In April 2015 globally only 20 states had regulated lobbying at the legislative level. Lobbying provisions also varied considerably in both scale and quality, ranging from mandatory rules to voluntary guidelines. Often the lobbying legislation created an environment which better serves private sector, making it difficult for health practitioners to compete.


  • TI Finland co-wrote a publication on lobbying in healthcare and its regulation in collaboration with Physicians for Social responsibility.
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