Fight against Illicit Trade of Pharmaceutical Products.

Chapter: Togo | Project range: Local | Year: 2017

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The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) is the Togo Transparency International Chapter. ANCE-Togo aims to stimulate collective action in the fight against corruption. The Chapter works to improve accountability, protect activists, promote prevention and enforcement of anti-corruption standard and demanding justice to end impunity.

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CPI Rank: 129

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Access to medicines, vaccines and other products


National Partners:
Ministry of Health

Theory of Change

Policy & Insititutional Change
Improved enforcement of policies
Behaviour Change
Anti-Corruption Activism Community Action Seeking Redress Against Corruption
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The aim was to raise public awareness of the impact of substandard and falsified medicines (SFM) on their health and advocate for law enforcement operations to increase the seizure of SFM.


The sale of substandard and falsified medicines in African markets and in Togo is a reality. According to the latest WHO report, nearly thousands of deaths are linked to the trade of SFM.


  1. Field investigations were conducted to uncover networks of SFMs.
    Research & analysis
  2. Reinforcement of the healthcare actors on the techniques of identification of SFM.
    Awareness raising
  3. Organised sensitisation and education sessions on the dangers of SFM.
    AdvocacyAwareness raising
  4. Supported the application of sanctions against producers and suppliers of SFM (legal assistance and monitoring to ensure perpetrators are prosecuted).
  5. A toll free number was made available for the population to report SFM.
    Monitoring & evaluation


  • In 2016 - 2017 40 tons of drugs were seized by the Togolese law enforcement agents.

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