Civic Monitoring of Public Procurement in Ukraine

Chapter: Ukraine | Project range: Local | Year: 2018

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Transparency International Ukraine is an accredited chapter of the global movement Transparency International with a comprehensive approach to development and implementation of change for reduction of the corruption levels.

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The project aimed to establish an automated monitoring system to track public procurement, including the spending of funds within the healthcare sector. This information is then accessible to every patient in order to increase transparency of healthcare procurement with the long-term aim being the improvement of service delivery quality.


At the beginning of 2016 the healthcare sector was characterised with high levels of corruption, misuse of public funds for procurement of medicines and medical products and an overall lack of transparency. Medicine prices in particular were affected with some regions paying 3 times the amount another region was paying for the same medicine.


  1. TI Ukraine hosted the development, administration, legal support amongst other components of an online procurement monitoring portal called ProZorro. The project also had the active support of other activists, businesses and the government. A pilot version of this portal was launched on 12th February 2015
    Trial & implement new approach
  2. Despite the successful launch of the ProZorro system there was no generalized database of identified procurement violations. Therefore, TI Ukraine developed the DOZORRO system, this was fully integrated with the ProZorro system and enabled anyone to leave structured feedback on procurements.
    System development
  3. TI Ukraine initially selected 10 civil society regional organisations to improve the accountability of the monitoring of the now readily-available procurement data. This later increased to 25 organisations who identify and submit complaints concerning procurement violations. TI Ukraine took on the responsibility to professionalize the members of this community through comprehensive training.
    Monitoring & evaluation
  4. TI Ukraine attended the OGP Global Summit 2019 in Canada where they shared the Ukrainian experience in healthcare public procurement monitoring. This increased the exposure of their work and brought awareness to the benefits of open contracting.
    AdvocacyAwareness raising


  1. The ProZorro system introduced maximum transparency and access to information in the area of procurement. On the 28th December 2015 TI Ukraine officially transferred the ProZorro system over to the government. Consequently, starting from the 1st August 2016 every public procurement had to be passed the ProZorro system.
  2. During only 2016 -2017, over 350 training seminars were organized which were attended by over 20,000 people to build up their capacity to organise, participate in and monitor procurement. Staring from June 2017, these activists have processed over 20,000 procurements with violations.
  3. As of March 2019 the saved funds amounted to almost USD 2.5 billion.
  4. The project has been greet with wide acclaim both domestically and internationally including the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stephan Kubiv called DOROZZO one of the most crucial cost-cutting factors in public procurement.

Future Plans

Having built the monitoring infrastructure and uniting a civic movement TI Ukraine will focus upon strengthening the durability and stability of existing monitoring strategies. They are also aiming to further development the capacity of regional networks whilst also raising funds from businesses to aid this further development of the project. Additionally, there are plans to provide methodological and technical assistance to similar initiatives in other countries.