Mobile Drug Tracking System (MDTS)

Chapter: Kenya | Project range: Local | Year: 2014

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Founded in 1999 in Kenya, TI-Kenya is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of developing a transparent and corruption-free society. TI-Kenya is one of the autonomous chapters of the global Transparency International movement. The organisation has over 20 years of experience in governance work at the national and county levels. This experience includes direct engagement with the government, the private sector, individuals and groups. TI-Kenya uses advocacy as its signature approach which is complemented by other strategies such as partnership development, research, capacity building and civic engagement. TI-Kenya's focus lies the health, education, security (police), humanitarian aid and natural resource governance (climate governance, extractives and land) sectors.

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Access to medicines, vaccines and other products

Information systems




National Partners:
Governmental Institution NGO or Civil Society Organisation

Theory of Change

Policy & Insititutional Change
Better Institutional Processes
Behaviour Change
Anti-Corruption Activism Community Action


The main objective of the Mobile Drug Tracking System (MDTS) was to increase citizens' participation in anti-corruption efforts by assisting them in tracking pharmaceutical commodities in their local health facilities. It specifically allows citizens, community health workers and hospital management committees to scan and monitor stocks. Additionally, it empowers citizens to hold the governing institutions accountable with the information and knowledge gained through the tool.


The Mobile Drug Tracking System (MDTS) is an automated, web-based, pharmaceutical procurement and supply chain management system that is aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability in the health sector in the targeted regions.


  1. Development of the MDTS
    System development
  2. Installation of the system in three counties
    System developmentTrial & implement new approach
  3. Training of health workers and pharmaceutical technicians on how to use the system
    Awareness raisingSystem developmentTrial & implement new approach


    Lessons Learnt

    • ICT-related projects require more time for the full implementation to reach the set objectives