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November 2019

Corruption in Republic of Moldova: Perceptions vs. Personal Experiences of Households and Business People

Chapter: Moldova

With the support of the U.S. State Department and in collaboration with the Center for Sociological Studies, Transparency International Moldova carried out a study with the objective of analysing the perceptions and the experiences households and business people in the Republic of Moldova have made with corruption. The results of the study were used to…

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project Projects

November 2019

Curiamo la corruzione (We Treat Corruption)

The aim of the project was to aim to increase awareness of corruption in the healthcare sector, to train the staff of healthcare and hospital companies, and to implement and test innovative tools and specific organisational models.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Policy Adoption & Amendment

November 2019

Civic Monitoring of Public Procurement in Ukraine

The project aimed to establish an automated monitoring system to track public procurement, including the spending of funds within the healthcare sector. This information would then be accessible to every patient in order to increase transparency of healthcare procurement, with the long-term goal being the improvement of service delivery quality.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Better Institutional Processes

Behaviour Change:

Seeking Redress Against Corruption

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