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November 2019

Governance of the Directorate of Drug Administration: Challenges and Way forward

Chapter: Bangladesh

The study assessed the effectiveness of the Government Drug Administration in tackling corruption. The study follows recent measures by the Government to strengthen the capacities of the Drug Administration. These include increasing the workforce in field offices, investing in capacity building, and enhancing the central drug laboratory. Moreover, the Government Drug Administration has taken measures…

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project Projects

September 2020

Promoting transparency in the health sector

The main aim is to create a better understanding between doctors and patients in order to enhance the quality of service delivery in healthcare clinics.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Better Institutional Processes

November 2019

#BūkPokytis (#BeChange)

Lithuanian medical organisations such as the Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association, with the support of TI Lithuania and others, ran a professionalism campaign called #BeChange.

The goal of the initiative was to encourage medical practitioners to sign a declaration and commit to fostering transparency of the healthcare system. It is also aimed at politicians and healthcare executives to encourage them in strengthening the integrity and accountability of the healthcare sector overall.

An online platform, , is available for the members of medical community to sign their pledge and access information about transparency of the healthcare system.

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

November 2019

The Best Thank You to the Doctor Is Your Smile

The aim of this project was to raise awareness amongst patients that bribery is not a key to good treatment in hospitals, and that the best way of expressing gratitude towards a doctor is to simply say “thank you”.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Improved enforcement of policies

Better Institutional Processes

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

November 2019

Improving Basic Healthcare Service Delivery in Cameroon by Promoting Innovative Whistle-blowing Techniques

The project aimed to reinforce transparency, accountability, participation and integrity in public hospitals in Cameroon by raising awareness of healthcare rights amongst the patients and providing an independent mechanism to report instances of corruption.

Behaviour Change:

Community Action

Seeking Redress Against Corruption

November 2019

Curiamo la corruzione (We Treat Corruption)

The aim of the project was to aim to increase awareness of corruption in the healthcare sector, to train the staff of healthcare and hospital companies, and to implement and test innovative tools and specific organisational models.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Policy Adoption & Amendment

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