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May 2020

Pharmaceutical Procurement

This project involved the creation of the Forum for Transparency and Accountability in Pharmaceutical Procurement which brings together various stakeholders in the health sector including the Ministry of Health, CSOs, the Public Procurement Authority and others, with the objective of monitoring pharmaceutical procurement and supply chain management and improving transparency and accountability in the health sector. It also involved the development of a Mobile Drug Tracking System and the Drug Price Index to support pharmaceutical procurement monitoring.

Policy & Insititutional Change:

Policy Adoption & Amendment

Better Institutional Processes

Behaviour Change:

Anti-Corruption Activism

November 2019

Transparency Tools for the Private Sector: Promoting Tools to Improve Transparency Standards in the Pharmaceutical Sector – Multi-Sectorial Transparency Agreement

The aim is to promote transparency in the pharmaceutical sector.
Specific objectives:
i) to provide a space for knowledge-sharing and networking, with a view to set up an agenda for multi-stakeholder collaboration and increase transparency in the pharmaceutical sector;
ii) to create a guide outlining principles that strengthen transparency in the sector, which would support the signing of multi-stakeholder transparency agreements (MTA);
iii) to promote synergies among all relevant actors within the pharmaceutical sector

Behaviour Change:

Seeking Redress Against Corruption

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