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August 2020

How to improve healthcare with little money

Chapter: Slovakia

On the basis of an information request, the opposition asked the hospitals for data on how long cancer patients had to wait for diagnosis and treatment. They found that the number of patients waiting longer than the recommended 62 days had doubled since 2010. In 2018, there is no access to monitor such data. Since…

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August 2020

Too much politisation, too little transparency

Chapter: Slovakia

The Health Care Supervisory Office receives more than 2,000 appeals per year. In 2016, The Office assessed half of the 20141 complaints as unfounded. Most complaints related to patients' dissatisfaction with the provided medical care. The public is neither informed about the reasoning behind these decisions, nor about how the subject of complaint was prosecuted…

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November 2019

#BÅ«kPokytis (#BeChange)

Lithuanian medical organisations such as the Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association, with the support of TI Lithuania and others, ran a professionalism campaign called #BeChange.

The goal of the initiative was to encourage medical practitioners to sign a declaration and commit to fostering transparency of the healthcare system. It is also aimed at politicians and healthcare executives to encourage them in strengthening the integrity and accountability of the healthcare sector overall.

An online platform, , is available for the members of medical community to sign their pledge and access information about transparency of the healthcare system.

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